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Russian Volume lashes 0.05mm what you need to know!

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Russian lashes in 0.05mm, also known as 'Volume lashes, 2D, 3D, 4D the list could go on!  These lashes are considerably finer and more fluttery than the classic individual lashes.
When should I use 0.05mm lashes?
If your client has fine lashes, they will not be able to carry too much weight, use 0.05mm to make fans and ensure the lashes still appear full and fluttery and they wont droop down below the lash line.- GREAT
Your client has naturally thick and full lashes....lucky them! Use 0.05mm here too.  They will be super soft and fluttey but wont appear hard and stiff, they wont pinch the client because they haven't  have been overloaded. The weight has been balanced by using  lash in a vast quanity. - IDEAL
Those of your clients who point blank refuse or simply cannot bring themselves to have a break from their lashes. We all have clients like this. These lashes are so lightweight but so effective they will love the feel of their lashes...and.... their own lashes will still be growing healthily underneath. Which as you know is essential for their infills!! Your client can continue their regular appointments with you without the worry that their natural lashes will become damaged due to being overloaded by weight. - PERFECT
If you haven't tried them, I seriously recommend that you do.  For those of you already using them, you will understand exactly what I mean.








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